First Trip to Hawaii

How is it that I have never been to Hawaii?  Well, it never came up on my bucket list.  I’m not a sit on the beach kind of person, never have been.  I also don’t like crowds of people and so Honolulu just puts me off.  But here I was with two $400 flight vouchers from United.  We got the vouchers when we volunteered to be bumped off a flight in Washington, D. C.  So, I thought where shall I go on United that I haven’t been before?  I gave my husband several choices and he picked Hawaii. 

Then my quandary became which island.  I knew I did not want to go to Honolulu.  I found a quiz on line that you take and it recommends which islands you should visit based on what you want to do.  After answering the questions, the quiz came back saying that we should visit the Big Island of Hawaii, number one and Maui, number two. 

We are going to spend 17 days on the Big Island, the first and second weeks of April.  I have two vacation rentals for the time. A two bedroom home just south of Hilo and a smaller place near Hawi on the North end of the Island with views of Maui   

So stay tuned and see what adventures we have on the Big Island. 


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