My Wicked Tees

I wanted to add a follow up to my blog about packing.  I mentioned a quick dry tee shirt.  Well, let’s identify my favorite travel partner.  It is a Mountain Hardware Wicked Tee.  They come in a tank, short sleeve and long sleeve version.  I just bought 5 more of these little gems.  You can buy them at multiple sellers, just search on Google.  I have them in many colors and pair them with a dressy long sleeved shirt.  I always wear long sleeves because I burn easily and don’t like to slather myself with sun screen.  The Wicked Tee washes up great in a bathroom sink and dries in less time than it takes to go out to dinner (remember that I wring them out by wrapping them in a bath towel).  The tees absorb all the sweat, so my dress shirt can go another day without being washed.  Below is a picture in Costa Rica last April where it was hot hot hot and a photo from Athens in 2008.  Both are examples of my wicked tees.


My wicked tee in Greece 2008

2 responses to “My Wicked Tees

  1. Love reading your bloggs Sharon

  2. Thanks for finally talking about >My Wicked Tees | TravelBug1950 <Loved it!

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