Know Your Travel Style

What is your travel style?  Do you like to lay by the pool or on the beach?  Do you like to spend time shopping?  Do you prefer to be active, hiking, kayaking or snorkeling?  Whatever your travel style, it is important to understand and respect it.

Your travel style preferences don’t end with what you want to do when you travel, it also has to do with how you plan and what kind of trips you take.

When I travel I want to know where I am spending the night and I want to arrive before it gets dark (whatever time that may be).  Because of this, my lodging is generally booked at least six months in advance.  As I discussed in a prior post, I prefer to stay in a vacation rental or timeshare with a full kitchen, but I also stay at hotels.  My hotel stays tend to be one night stays, en-route to a week long location.

If I get a timeshare or vacation rental I’m going to stay a week and explore the surrounding area.  I don’t book activities in advance.  In this way I can be flexible and allow for changes in weather.  As example, if it is a rainy day, I’ll opt for a museum, as opposed to a garden tour.

I made the mistake once of letting a friend plan a trip and because I was working, at the time, I left all the details to him.  The trip was for a group of ten friends who caravanned in three cars.  I had my own rental car and maps (this was pre GPS).  It turned out we were only spending one night at each location and we kept crisscrossing ourselves, because the trip was not laid out in a logical order.

Each morning I would discuss our destination with the “leader” and what route we would take.  On three different occasions he missed a critical turn, getting lost.  I, however, made the turn and arrived at our destination hours before the rest of the group.  After eight days I was so frustrated that I opted to leave the group and head off on my own.  What a relief.

It turned out that our leader’s travel style was to get in the car and just drive in whatever direction suited him that day.  He would have no lodging booked and would stay in whatever town he happened to end up in at nightfall.  His freelance style and my need for order were in direct conflict.

In order to fully enjoy your travel, know and respect your own travel style.


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