“Sun” Day Drives

Pass opened at 2 PM and we arrived at 2:15 PM, perfect.

Pass opened at 2 PM and we arrived at 2:15 PM, perfect.

My parents used to take us for Sunday drives.  We would go into the “backcountry” of San Diego County, past the Burma Shave signs and just meander down country roads. 

When I travel I like to take “Sun” day drives when the weather is nice and just explore with no particular destination in mind.  I prefer to be able to make a loop so we don’t experience the same view twice, but that is not always possible. 

I had planned to tell you that an old fashioned paper map works better than Google for these drives, however, I am amending that advice.  I had planned a Sunday drive today from our base in Beaver Creek, Colorado to Aspen via Independence Pass.  I went to Google maps last night so I would know about how long my planned loop would take.  Google REFUSED to give me a route via Independence Pass.  A check of the Colorado Transportation web site revealed that it was scheduled to open today at 2 PM. 

Based with my new Google info I reversed our loop so we headed to Aspen for lunch and got to the Pass at 2:15.  The pass was open. 

I still believe that a paper map is the best place to start.  The AAA maps indicate the scenic routes. 


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