Planning a Mega Trip-Part 1

OK, so what is a “mega trip”.  For me it is a 3.5 month trip to Australia and New Zealand.  So, where to start?

I started by looking at some packaged trips to see where they went and how they got there.  In this case I looked specifically at the 28 day Australia and New Zealand trip offered by Overseas Adventure Travel

I had planned to be gone for two months, one month in Australia and one month in New Zealand. This was until some friends in Australia pointed out that Australia is as big as the United States. Oh my!

I looked at the weather in the different zones and studied when would be the best time to travel. I decided that Spring would be a good time. This was until some fellow travelers from New Zealand, said, “Oh you don’t want to come in November, you want to come in January or February.” Oh my!

So the trip had to morph from Spring (September to November) to Fall/Winter (February to June 2014).

At this point I just had a rough idea of the areas I wanted to visit and no specific locations decided.

My next step was to lay out the specific locations to stay and how long to stay at each location. I was fortunate that the New Zealand couple we had met on a cruise in Mexico, graciously offered to help edit my itinerary.

The next step was to book my flights. I was hoarding United Airline miles and planned to use those. I will post about that process in the next part of this Mega Trip post.

Happy travels.


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