About this Blog

I have been seriously traveling for the last ten years.  I had a friend die suddenly ten years ago and realized that I kept putting off my passion for travel.  I had been waiting for the kids to grow up, waiting until they finished college, waiting until I retired.  I decided to stop waiting and start traveling.

Most of my trips are with my husband.  He was not passionate to start traveling, but now he gets just as excited as I do when we embark on a new adventure.  Some of our trips include our children and grandchildren.  Some of our trips have been with friends.

I get almost as much enjoyment planning a trip, as I do taking one.  We don’t own an RV.  We do own timeshares.  We travel about 8 to 12 weeks a year.   I retired in 2005, but I continue to work three to four days a week, in between trips.

Please join me on my travel adventure.  I plan to share tips and insights, as well as information on the actual trips we take.


2 responses to “About this Blog

  1. S-
    I really enjoy reading your travel blog. Maybe we can do a trip together sometime.

    Dave Novotny

  2. Hey neighbor, You do such a great job with this blog. It’s inspiring me to want to travel. Thank you.

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