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Bags Packed


Our bags are packed for our Mega Trip to New Zealand and Australia.  I bought new bags, which are purported to be the world’s lightest.  They were the lightest bags I could find. As usual I bought them through   Search for IT Bags. We each have a 22 inch carry on and a 29 inch checked bag. Image 

We packed using our favorite eBags packing cubes.  The packing cubes now come in all sorts of fun colors and patterns. I use small packing cubes for liquids (zipped into quart size zip lock storage bags) and medications. The medium packing cubes are used for clothing.  I also like the slim packing cubes to fill in the blank spaces in our suitcase. 

As I’ve stated in prior posts, I take three clothing cubes full of clothes. One cube goes in my husband’s checked bag, one in my own checked bag and one in my carry on, and vice versa.  For this trip I added a cube full of extra layers, since we will be crossing from fall in the southern hemisphere to winter in the tropics.Packing Cubes 
For this trip I used an REI compression sack, which is sold with backpacking equipment to compress my down coat. See the blue bag that looks like a sleeping bag in the photos.

 The last step is to put our itinerary on top of the packing cubes. We always do this in case our bags decide to take an unscheduled trip to China or some other exotic place without us. This will help reunite us with our bags. I also have tags on our bags from Okoban at My Stuff Lost and Found. These tags will assist the airlines with reuniting us with our bags. with It


10 Travel Tips

Wanted to share these travel tips with you from a fellow blogger.

10 Travel Tips.

How to Pack (and do laundry) for a Three Week Trip

Doing laundry in hotel rooms?  Picture Lucy stomping grapes.
Got the picture?
I do my laundry in the bathtub, barefoot, hence the picture of I Love Lucy.  I pack powdered laundry soap in ziplock sandwich bags, then put several of these into a quart ziplock bag.  Note:  I have also used the hotels shampoo on occasion, thinking soap is soap.  I run a small amount of hot water into the tub (or sink) to dissolve the powdered soap, then cold water for the rest.
Once the clothes are washed and rinsed, then you lay them in clean towels and roll them up.  The towels soak up most of the water and help the clothes, socks, underwear, whatever, dry faster.  I shower first and then do laundry so I can use all the towels for this purpose.  You do the laundry at night, as soon as you get to the room.  It must be a place you will be for two nights.
I take a dozen drip dry hangers in my suitcase.  They fit in one of the outside pockets. You can buy a dozen for less than $5.00.
That gets us to what kind of clothes do I wear.  I have a “travel uniform” that has worked great.  Dressy slacks with pockets (one zipped pocket minimum) made from high tech fabric, a quick dry short sleeve T-shirt and a dressy long sleeved blouse that is NO-IRON.   Absolutely NO JEANS.  They are heavy and take FOREVER to dry.
Travel clothes can be bought on line at and  I prefer to shop their sale or outlets.  Travelsmith will frequently have “sale colors” and I go with those.  Once I find what I like I buy several.
My favorite TShirt’s are Mountain Hardware Wicked Lite Tee.  I have them in several colors.  They dry in less than half an hour.  They also are great for soaking up any sweat, leaving my dress shirt fresh for several days.   They take up no room so I take five or six with me.
For the dress shirt, good brands are Foxcroft and Eddie Bauer.  Both are pricey, but I wait for sales.  I wear the shirt open, kind of like a jacket over the Tshirt.   I keep the long sleeves on outside to keep the sun off my arms, and can easily slip it off, if inside gets too warm.
The big thing to remember is fabric should be high tech, quick drying and moisture wicking.    I no longer buy anything that can’t travel well.  I just wear these same clothes at home to work and church.  In the evening I wear the same thing except maybe add a scarf or simple jewelry to the ensemble.  I also take a dressy jacket that goes with one or more of my blouses.
I always take four changes of clothes, with maybe some extra Tshirt layers.  So 4 slacks, 6 Tshirts, 4 blouses.  Then I take 7 pairs of underwear and 3 bras.  I wear one set of clothes, one set in my carry on and two in checked baggage.
Luggage.  Start with ebags at  You get a discount for being a AAA member.  Think LIGHT.  You can compare bags and ebags lists the bags weight for comparison.
My husband and I each have a Rick Steves Civita backpack.  We have had them for eight years and they are still going strong.  You can buy them various places on line.  I don’t carry a purse.  I also have a Pacsafe backpack I used in Istanbul and Athens to thwart the slash robbers.  The Rick Steves bag is lighter and folds into nothing so I took that also.
We both use packing cubes and LOVE THEM.  I think we have twelve of them.  I use small ones in my back pack and for medicine and makeup in my bag and medium size to pack clothes.  They unpack easy, you just take them out and put them in the drawers, or leave them in your suitcase.  The best deal price wise are Ebags packing cubes.  I would not recommend the large ones.  I think they are too big.
Packing cubes are priceless if security opens your bag.  They don’t have to paw through all your stuff.  They just look through one cube at a time.

I hope you find these tips helpful.  Travel On!