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Random Thoughts on Carry-Ons

OK I admit I am a total failure at travelling with just a carry-on. I can do it for a weekend, but not for an extended trip. That said I do ALWAYS have a carry-on in tow.

Do You Need a Carry-On in Addition to your Checked Bags?

I recently had a friend tell me that he had been advised that airlines no longer lose luggage, so there was no need for a carry-on in addition to your checked luggage. While airlines may not lose your luggage, it often gets misdirected or way laid.

On our recent trip to Croatia, six people in our group were missing checked luggage when we headed out on our bus. The bags had not made connections en route and took from two to four days to catch up with our moving target.

We just yesterday returned from a trip to Washington, DC. Our flight home to California had one stop in Denver. Our bags were checked through to California. Our flight was delayed in DC by weather and by the time we landed in Denver our ongoing flight had already departed. We were rebooked for a flight the next day. Since our bags were checked through, we could not retrieve them. We spent the night in Denver at a hotel with our carry-on luggage.

So my response to the need for carry-on luggage is a resounding YES. I always pack a change of underwear for two days, pajamas, a lightweight down jacket or sweater, my computer, camera, medications and charging wires for my electronics in my carry on.

How Much Does Your Carry-On Weigh?

I have a luggage scale and I always weight my checked bags before we leave for the airport. I take it with me so I can weight my bags on the return trip also. It never occurred to me to weight my carry-on. This proved to be a problem our 3.5 month trip to Australia and New Zealand. Both Air New Zealand and Qantas have a STRICT carry-on limit of 7 kg/15 pounds. They weighed our carry-on bags and forced us to check them if they were overweight. In some cases there was a gate agent prior to security with a scale, in another instance the bags were weighed as we boarded the aircraft. I found that once I put my computer in my carry-on bag it was overweight. Fortunately, I also travel with a Rick Steve’s Day Pack. I began putting my laptop in my day bag until we had boarded the plane and then shifted it back to my carry-on.

So next time you travel, check your airlines baggage restrictions for dimensions AND weight limits for carry-on luggage.


Bags Packed


Our bags are packed for our Mega Trip to New Zealand and Australia.  I bought new bags, which are purported to be the world’s lightest.  They were the lightest bags I could find. As usual I bought them through http://www.eBags.com.   Search for IT Bags. We each have a 22 inch carry on and a 29 inch checked bag. Image 

We packed using our favorite eBags packing cubes.  The packing cubes now come in all sorts of fun colors and patterns. I use small packing cubes for liquids (zipped into quart size zip lock storage bags) and medications. The medium packing cubes are used for clothing.  I also like the slim packing cubes to fill in the blank spaces in our suitcase. 

As I’ve stated in prior posts, I take three clothing cubes full of clothes. One cube goes in my husband’s checked bag, one in my own checked bag and one in my carry on, and vice versa.  For this trip I added a cube full of extra layers, since we will be crossing from fall in the southern hemisphere to winter in the tropics.Packing Cubes 
For this trip I used an REI compression sack, which is sold with backpacking equipment to compress my down coat. See the blue bag that looks like a sleeping bag in the photos.

 The last step is to put our itinerary on top of the packing cubes. We always do this in case our bags decide to take an unscheduled trip to China or some other exotic place without us. This will help reunite us with our bags. I also have tags on our bags from Okoban at My Stuff Lost and Found. These tags will assist the airlines with reuniting us with our bags. http://mystufflostandfound.com/Luggage with It